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Communion in Opole- Hubertus Lodge

Which bond is stronger? The bond to nature or the bond to God? Or, maybe, they are both equally strong because both include each other. ’Man’ is part of nature, therefore ‘man’ should be part of God too. And if ‘man’ is definitely part of God, then we must, according to this realisation, not only recognise our bond with God, but celebrate it. This is what we have the Communion for.

Let us just imagine how we could connect the best ourselves with God on this very special and most outstanding day in our lives! Isn’t it through our strongest feelings for our family, friends and God, that we can express our bond the most? To produce this holiness we practice this exemplary, this ritual of ever binding togetherness with our Communion, with our beloved, with our closest.

We may give this particular time an awesome note, underline this celebratory event with the inspiring landscape of our beautiful nature and bring all happy and heartwarming feelings right into our chests. And in our chest they shall stay for the time of all being.

Revive this basic tradition of Christianity with a new excitement. Invite your friends, family and yourself to pass the gateways to Communion together. Dance towards open holy hands under the bright light of the azure sky till the day’s dusk sets in and continue to settle your bond under the sparkling firmament as if only this day and night were so inexplicably marvellous.

We are awaiting your Communion.

There is nothing more to say than: ‘Come here into the nature, stay in our Hubertus Lodge and intensify your true bond with the holy spirit!’

We take care of the rest.