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Hubertus - Weddings

Your partner for life and yourself are going to give the loving vows to one another and/or are planning to have an outstanding honeymoon which both of you will remember for the rest of your lives?

Your soulmate and yourself meander the path of love together towards the gate of the eternal bond of marriage and you both would like to further organise the unforgettable wanderings through mature untouched nature?

Your fiance and yourself go hand in hand (literally as well as figuratively), with the proof of your infinitely strong love for one another in each hands, and you are up for one of the most exhilarating adventure of all?

It might well be that your wedding will be even more special than you ever thought it could be.
You can combine your traditional wedding with something unbelievably adventurous. An adventure so thrilling -not as thrilling as marriage itself- that you may only remember the type of thrill from the fantasy stories read out to you by your parents.
They had been telling old stories from a distant past and place far, far away. Stories from Kings and Princes, from Queens and Dragons, from dark forests and its reign over the living inside it and vast plains with the reign of the creatures on it. ... and not least from the principessa who slips away from the claws of secure, the own family, from the prangs of the ever-worried-dad, from under the wings of the smothering mother.
The principessa is always seeking something stronger than rules:.... an adventure!
What principessa does not know, the adventure she is seeking for is the unquenchable thirst for a loving and passionate relationship. This is where the rescuer comes into play, the knight in shining armor, the prince to our princess, ...you!
The rescue may be already done. But, the adventure has just started! Do not let it ebb away!

Come to us and celebrate your wedding, your love, your life, ... your adventure!

Leave the organisation of your wedding to us and just enjoy the most important day of your life.
Let yourself and your tongue be spoiled by our master chef who creates a superb menu for your party.
Long aspired dreams will be fulfilled in our Hubertus Lodge which is set in a most beautiful landscape.
Let the most talented team and the host care about you and your guests to ensure an event worth remembering for the rest of your life.

Our offer covers:

  • An indoor reception of up to 40 guests
  • An outdoor reception of up to 150 guests
  • A wedding reception in a hall which can accommodate up to 120 guests

Above all, we also offer:

  • A florist who will decorate the hall
  • A stylist who will take care of your personal visage including the make-up, hair-do and the choice of appropriate attire
  • A limousine service
  • Musical frame of your wedding party
  • Video-filming, photography and the wedding coverage
  • Coordination of all stages of the wedding reception
  • Transport for your guests